Eating fish more often, leads you to success.
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Fish roe salad – Romanian traditional recipe,  perfect both for children, and for grown-ups

As a very appropriate and customary appetizer for festive dinners, fish roe salad is a spreadable dish.

Bighead carp balyk – a special product, ideal for festive dinners

The bighead carp is the chubbiest fish from the fish hatchery, since this is where this brave one grows up.

Smoked mackerel – particularly tasty in different kinds of salads

If they weren’t too tired, true fishermen used to make smoked fish, according to the tradition, with fir branches which they collected.

Salty Pontic shad – A Danube fish with a unique taste

Everything starts with a young lad and a Pontic shad to be cleaned by the book. After cleaning it inside and out, the Pontic shad is salted and put in a barrel.

Smoked bighead carp – the flavour of smoked fish

As we confirmed above, the savoury bighead carp, sometimes reaching the well-deserved 100 kilograms, is a delight for chefs who are lucky enough to get their hands on it.

Fish meatballs in tomato sauce – tasty fish delicacies, served both hot and cold

A fine delicacy, famous amongst gourmets, both on the Danube, and in the Delta, fish meatballs are made of fish fillets, the best being with white meat having low fat.

Bighead carp baguette – an extremely delicious fish appetizer

For those of you who thought there are plenty of recipes for this extraordinary fish, well, that’s not true! People keep creating them.

Fish salad with olives – a different fish product, but with Greek origins

As a Greek origin product, the fish salad with olives makes a great lunch alternative for any season, be it fall or summer.

Mushroom fish spread – a fall recipe, containing tasty fish

The flavoured mushroom fish spread can be prepared from any big-hat mushroom such as girolles, russula, boletus, and forest mushrooms as well, such as honey agaric, saffron milk caps, morchella, gilded brittlegills, bugles, chanterelle mushrooms, Caesar's mushrooms or penny buns.

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The project of promoting and relaunching the fish consumption in Romania, it is funded by POP 2007-2013, with the support of the Romanian Government and European Union. This project is made by Doripesco during 2013-2015.

The purpose of this project is to promote the consumption of fish and highlights the importance of fish consumption. People can understand the importance of fish consumption for the body only by emphasizing its nutritional properties. Fish is an important food for a responsable feeding and for this reason it should not be missing from your shopping cart because of its important nutrients.

At the same time, we must report the decline of fish consumption in Romania, compared to rest of the European Union (annual consumption of fish in Romania is of 4,5 kg/person/year, of 10 times lower than the European Union. The largest consumers of fish and fish products are Portugal and Spain, which consume 48 / 45 kg/person/year).

We recommend:
Trout vinaigrette
Trout vinaigrette
Made from trout, 100% natural
Fisher’s paste – the delight of taste buds
Fisher’s paste – the delight of taste buds
The sweet sister of fish spread, the fisher’s paste is often eaten in the Delta, during the summer and winter, day and night, with or without the wife.
Carp brine – the most famous fishermen’s dish
Carp brine – the most famous fishermen’s dish
Born of the shore of the Danube, in the time of the Calafat brigands, the fish brine (i.e. meat roasted on salt) has a special savour and tenderness.
Cream fish with cucumber - a quick and healthy snack
Cream fish with cucumber - a quick and healthy snack
A product fresh fish, tasty, creamy and refreshing.