Eating fish more often, leads you to success.
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Fish goulash – an easy-to-cook, special dish

The fish goulash is easy to cook, therefore it is known by both cook experts and amateurs.

Fish borsch – the real fish soup

The stories about the fish borsch in the Danube Delta travel just like the legends about the Hungarian goulash.

Three coloured carp – a more special dish

The carp, which the fishermen in the Danube Delta also call “an enigma for everyone to decipher”, is a very tasty fish that can be found in almost all the Romanian inland waters, apart from mountain streams.

Carp brine – the most famous fishermen’s dish

Born of the shore of the Danube, in the time of the Calafat brigands, the fish brine (i.e. meat roasted on salt) has a special savour and tenderness.

Trout in cornflake crust – the ruffled trout is extremely flavourful

Mountain fishermen used to say that one should catch 40 fish for each of the 40 saints in order to get lucky when fishing the following year.

Trout brine – for a real fisherman’s meal

Alongside “chiuschi” borrowed from our Bulgarian neighbours and the herbs that grow among the reed plots, trout brine is a savoury, colourful Romanian dish that wonderfully wears the winter coat.

Salmon and grilled vegetables – a somewhat sophisticated fish

That’s what summer is like in Oltenia: you pick all the vegetables you need from the garden – courgette, colourful ball peppers – you grill them and dinner is ready.

Fried wels catfish and courgettes filled with “zacusca” (vegetable spread) – the autumn’s delicacies

The fishermen in the Danube Delta, dissatisfied to call the fish by their species, also called them by their size.

Pike perch and baked bell peppers – turn the tasty meat of the pike perch into a feast of the taste

The baked bell peppers, the children of the finest and most noble Romanian salad, have the generosity to allow themselves to be eaten in any season and with any dish.

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The project of promoting and relaunching the fish consumption in Romania, it is funded by POP 2007-2013, with the support of the Romanian Government and European Union. This project is made by Doripesco during 2013-2015.

The purpose of this project is to promote the consumption of fish and highlights the importance of fish consumption. People can understand the importance of fish consumption for the body only by emphasizing its nutritional properties. Fish is an important food for a responsable feeding and for this reason it should not be missing from your shopping cart because of its important nutrients.

At the same time, we must report the decline of fish consumption in Romania, compared to rest of the European Union (annual consumption of fish in Romania is of 4,5 kg/person/year, of 10 times lower than the European Union. The largest consumers of fish and fish products are Portugal and Spain, which consume 48 / 45 kg/person/year).

We recommend:
Smoked sturgeon Rolls
Smoked sturgeon Rolls
Titbit of fish
Cream fish with cucumber - a quick and healthy snack
Cream fish with cucumber - a quick and healthy snack
A product fresh fish, tasty, creamy and refreshing.
Salty Pontic shad – A Danube fish with a unique taste
Salty Pontic shad – A Danube fish with a unique taste
Everything starts with a young lad and a Pontic shad to be cleaned by the book. After cleaning it inside and out, the Pontic shad is salted and put in a barrel.
Fisher’s paste – the delight of taste buds
Fisher’s paste – the delight of taste buds
The sweet sister of fish spread, the fisher’s paste is often eaten in the Delta, during the summer and winter, day and night, with or without the wife.